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Charles H. Craddock Jr., AAI, CPIA, LILI, LUTCF

Charles H. Craddock Jr., AAI, CPIA, LILI, LUTCF

President and CEO

I am a native of Charlottesville and have a wonderful wife and a fantastic son. I enjoy vacationing with my family, skiing, scuba diving, riding my motorcycle, and paramotoring when not working. In 1994, I started as a scratch agent, working for and being mentored by my father, Herb, who founded the company in 1984. During the 15 years we were together, I held various sales and management positions before purchasing the agency in 2009. Because of my love of people and helping them, the insurance business has been a fruitful and rewarding career. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity presented to me so many years ago. I am also highly grateful for all the past and present employees who have helped me make this company what it is today.